Nelson Oil Company offers training in all aspects of lubrication. You can audit our complete Lubrication Survey, take one of our Lubrication Training Seminars, or take advantage of our Critical Equipment Fluid Analysis (CEFA).

Lubrication Surveys

Our Lubrication Program starts with an in-depth Lubrication Survey of plant equipment in order to assist in preventative maintenance efforts. Our survey ensures correct application of the most effective, most up-to-date lubricants on a predetermined schedule. We offer

  • in-depth survey results in writing, providing lubrication maintenance instructions
  • correct application of the most effective, most up-to-date lubricants on a predetermined schedule
  • consolidation of the number of lubricants being used
  • adherence to OEM guidelines and identification of cost-saving opportunities
  • written instructions with recommendations on how to optimize procedures for every lubrication point in your facility

Lubrication Seminars

Our seminars train plant personnel in proper lubrication practices, while fostering a team approach to eliminating lubrication problems. They also address questions regarding conversion to products recommended in Nelson Oil’s lubrication survey. We offer

  • training in proper lubrication practices
  • preparation in how to function as a team in order to eliminate lubrication problems
  • answers regarding conversion of products
  • a course tailored to your objectives and covering everything from basic lubrication theory to practical in-plant applications

Critical Equipment Fluid Analysis (CEFA)

We identify problem areas that could result in costly failures, as well as establish trends that can assist in the implementing a predictive maintenance program. This process safely extends the service life of high-quality products used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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      • over 90 years of experience
      • ISO 9001 registered
      • CLS certified
      • a client base throughout the southeast
      • only the finest OEM-recommended products from around the world
      • a comprehensive Lubrication Program
      • NELGuard™ 24-Hour Emergency Service

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To be the most reliable provider of value added products and services in the markets we serve.
Nelson Oil Company was started in 1925 and is still owned and managed by the same family. We’re located in Hickory, NC and service companies across the southeast with the finest products from around the world.
To increase your equipment’s uptime while helping to add to your bottom line.
Improving Reliability, Delivering Value
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